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Late model racing is at the epicenter of American auto racing. Whether on dirt or asphalt, late model drivers, crew, and fans are family, and it’s this essence of family that makes the world of late model racing one of the greatest of all time. Late Model Mafia is a gathering place for all late model enthusiasts to interact, learn, and simply share stories and good times with one another.

Late Model Mafia
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drive-safely-bottom.png was founded by a couple of regular car guys who had some track days under their belts. High Performance Driving is exactly what they had been wanting to do they whole lives. Previous notions of driving fast were completely blown away the first time they hit the track. HPDE is one of the best adrenaline rushes available on this planet! The guys were always amazed to discover how most people had no idea that track days existed. Sports car owners and driving enthusiasts are missing out on the best part…Driving their cars fast!


The guys decided something should be done to promote High Performance Driving Events. So, they created HPDEjunkie with the goal of turning HPDE into a house hold name. They also felt there needed to be a comprehensive list of all track day events in the nation on one website. The guys believe all drivers should be able to enjoy the exhilaration of driving their own car at speed, safely, without fear of getting a speeding ticket or thrown in jail!

If you're looking to take your car to the track for the first time, or you are an experienced track day driver or competitive racer/time trial driver looking to get some extra seat time, look no further than for all the latest track day events across the nation!

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